Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My Pregnancy: Week 21

DAVE FELT THE BABY KICK!  We were laying in bed and I told him the baby was having a party and so he put his hand on my belly.  I said I wasn't sure if he would be able to feel anything yet, but who knows.  So he waited and waited... and the baby wouldn't move, like a watched pot won't boil.  And then finally the baby kicked and he felt it!  Such a cool moment :)

This week was very food focused.  I got it in my head that I wanted Thanksgiving dinner and I need to have it!  So I hit the store and made a lazy version with rotisserie chicken and ate it for lunch all week.

I went out for sushi to celebrate Leah's birthday and had some really awesome cooked rolls that almost made me forget that everyone else at the table was eating raw tuna.  I got a spicy shrimp roll, an eel avocado roll, and a roll with crab and octopus!  I don't think I had ever had octopus in a sushi roll and it was really good.

Then Friday we went out to the White Dog Cafe in Wayne to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary.  It's a farm to table restaurant with a seasonally changing menu that has been on my list to try for a while.  We started with happy hour at the bar and enjoyed some parmesan truffle fries and some really creamy mac & cheese.  Dave ordered a bottle of wine and next thing I know the bartender was pouring a glass for me.  I took a few sips and then Dave and I just traded glasses when he was done his.  I can honestly say wine is pretty take it or leave it for me.  I was way more upset about passing up the burrata cheese special everyone around us was enjoying.

For dinner Dave got a lamb bolognese dish and I went with the pork tenderloin and both were delicious.  We didn't save any room for dessert, but they brought us out a super cute dish with a scoop of ice cream.  It was a lovely dinner and a wonderful anniversary celebration.

Saturday we went out to Red Lobster for a belated Mother's Day celebration.  I felt slightly less bad binging on the cheddar biscuits since I'm pregnant lol.  And the Ultimate Feast was everything!

For dessert I made a super easy cheesecake topped with whipped cream, cherry pie filling, and chocolate chips and it came out great.

I guess I'm paying the price for all that eating because I am feeling pretty huge.  A friend from church made a comment that I'm going to be one of those women that doesn't even look pregnant from the back.  And I was like well all 20+ lbs seem to be hanging out up front lol.  My fingers are swollen and I think it's almost time to stop wearing my rings (before they get stuck and it's a crisis haha).  I was thinking I would just get a cheap band but then I found a deal I couldn't pass up.  I found this 1/4 carat diamond ring (retail value $135) for $31 and thought why the heck not?!  It's so different from my wedding rings, so it will be fun to have something different, and I can wear it on another finger when I'm not so swollen anymore.

Other than eating like a pig, I also did some nesting.  Dave finally got most of his stuff out of the nursery closet and I spent some time on my hands and knees scrubbing it out.  Then I stuck most of the baby stuff in the closet, so we could figure out the furniture layout and start moving things around.  I can't wait to get it all set up once we pick out a crib!

This week we also toured a couple of daycares and met a woman who does childcare out of her house.  We have 2 more tours scheduled for the next week, but I think we will be finished after that.  One of the daycares we went to already had no availability for January 2018, so I'm feeling pretty antsy about getting this settled sooner rather than later.  It's such a big decision.

We had another session of our birth class and I'm still really enjoying it.  My desire to have a natural birth has been fully confirmed and I'm even starting to really buy into the hypnosis.  I need to practice and listen to my tracks more, but I'm not super worried about it since we have so much time.  I'm also desperately trying to get Dave on board with hiring our instructor as our doula.  He thinks it's an unnecessary expense, but I think it will be a game changer.  He was also super against me birthing without an epidural at first and now he's fully on board, so we'll see.

Mommas out there, did you use a doula?  Tell me about your experience!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My Pregnancy: Weeks 18, 19, & 20

Life has been busy and I seemed to fall behind, so I'm lumping some weeks together so I don't miss any!

Week 18:

We spent most of this week in Arizona (I owe you a blog post full of amazing pictures from our trip!) and my most notable pregnancy thing was being super itchy.  I think it was a special combo of stretching skin, healing poison ivy, super dry air, and crappy bar soap.  I was scratching my boobs and belly all week and Dave's cousin's wife kept giving me crap for it.  When we got home, my poison ivy scabs were mostly healed and I got pretty serious lathering up with lotion and I felt immediate relief.

What else?  My hunger was raging and I did not pass up a chance to eat second breakfast when Dave's family was offering.  I felt pretty good on all our hikes, but I could tell towards the end of our 4 mile hike that that was my limit.  I busted a move on the dance floor at the wedding just like normal and it felt great.  I was pretty disappointed when I realized I probably shouldn't go in the hot tub at our rental house, but I stuck my feet and calves in and that was pretty satisfying after a long hike.

Week 19:

I almost forgot to do pics this week, so these kind of suck. They happened at dusk right before week 19 ended.  Oh well.

We had our first Hypnobabies class on Monday.  It was class 2 out of 6, since we missed the first class while we were on our trip.  There are 3 other couples in our class.  We covered nutrition guidelines and an overview of the stages of birth.  Our instructor Keli shared a ton of birth stories and anecdotes with us and class involved a lot of discussion.  Towards the end of class we did some prenatal exercises and then we listened to Keli read a hypnosis script.  I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the rest of the course.

Baby has officially started to occupy my bladder space!  One day I was fine and the next day I suddenly felt like I had to pee all the time.  There's not much in there when I relieve myself, but it sure feels like it.  I can't imagine how bad this is going to get eventually!

I killed it at the gym this week.  Olympic lifting still feels great.  I hit a 115# squat clean, an 80# snatch complex, and some 125# back squats.

I finally felt the baby for the first time!  I was told that it would be super subtle, just a flutter, or even just feel like I had gas, so a few times in the past week or two I would feel something.  But then I'd wonder if it really was just my stomach rumbling and I was trying to convince myself otherwise.  So I just kept waiting to feel something definite.  But while I was driving my car on Tuesday morning, I felt something that was different than before.  It was definitely subtle but unlike anything I had felt.  And then I felt it a couple more times.  Hello baby :)  I can't wait till Dave can feel her!

Week 20:

We had our 20 week ultrasound and it was amazing!  Baby girl was 13 oz and measured perfectly on schedule.  The doctor said the word of the day was normal and that everything looked great.  The ultrasound technology is crazy.  We got to see all her external body parts clearly as well as views of her brain, spine, internal organs, arteries, and even the chambers of her heart.  It was SO cool.  And they surprised us mid ultrasound by turning on the 3D views.  I had no idea that was going to happen.  I generally think 3D ultrasound pictures are lightweight disturbing, but when it's your baby and you can see little lips and a tiny nose... well it's different.  It was such a cool experience and made it even more real.

This week also brought some unpleasant symptoms like some horribly aching feet.  I've been noticing my feet really hurt after being on them for extended periods of time and I typically wear really comfortable footwear so I think it's due to the pregnancy.  My feet don't look swollen yet, so I'm thinking this is going to get a lot worse.  I've also noticed my skin hasn't been great.  My face has been hit or miss, but I have a bunch of blemishes on my chest that are not cute.

Honestly wasn't sure I'd want to put these on the internet or not, but here we go!

It's pretty much a miracle that my boobs fit into a few of my old suits.  I don't think I'll be getting away with that after Memorial Day lol.

Mela is way cuter.  It was her first time at the beach and she loved it, even when she got wrecked by a wave and then rolled face first in the sand to try and dry herself off.

Everyone was texting me Happy Mother's Day and every time I was like who me?  Dave got me a Mother's Day card and wrote a poem in it from the baby.  It was adorable!  Can't believe I'm halfway through this pregnancy.  Time is flying!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

My Pregnancy: Week 17

First of all, I just want to thank everyone for all the really nice sentiments regarding my last post!  I hesitated to write about the topic, because I didn't want it to sound like I'm fishing for compliments, but it's a definite factor in how I'm feeling right now and I always try to keep the blog honest.  I really appreciate everyone who reached out <3

Now let's check out the bump!

I feel like I "popped" this week and I finally made the leap to start dressing to show off the bump instead of just hiding it with big flowy shirts.  I wasn't fooling anybody haha!

In other news, we started talking about baby names.  I've been thinking about girl names for a while since I "have more pull" for our baby girl (since if we were having a boy we were locked in with David Richard #5, try again next time).  I want something unique.  I don't want 3 other people in her class having the same name.  If it's in the top 50 on Nameberry, it's gone. But at the same time I don't want anything too different, nothing my child has to spell or explain to every single teacher.  Been there done that, anybody who went to school with me knew my catch phrase spelled with a "w" pronounced like a "v".

I recently revealed my long list of names to Dave and at first... he was not impressed.  But he gave it a few days thought and I threw in a few more choices, so now we have a few names in the running.  We have decided to keep the name a secret until she is born.  I've heard a lot of feedback from friends who received rude comments when they told their name to people ahead of time, so they advised us to keep it to ourselves.  And I don't have many secrets to keep these days, so I think it will be fun!

I had somehow avoided buying anything brand new for baby girl, but I finally got sucked into a Carter's sale!  A friend posted it on FB and I was like, I really don't need to be shopping but I couldn't resist.  I got this set for $6.60, originally priced $22 (who pays that?) and I got it in the 12M size since I figure we'll probably have too much when she's born anyway.

I originally thought the shirt said "wild like Daddy" but it
actually says "wild about Daddy."  Cute but just not as good lol.

And in the process of commenting on said FB post, my good friend Heather's sister-in-law offered me a bunch of totes full of baby clothes all the way to 2T!  I also recently received 2 boxes of baby clothes from Shayna's sister.  And on top of that, a friend from college, that I haven't seen in over 10 years, reached out and sent me a nursing bra and some other odds and ends.  Other friends have cleaned out their basements and sent me home with some clutch items too, and Baby Midgley has already received tons of cute new clothes.  The generosity has been unreal!

Regarding the gym, I've officially dropped burpees and I'm doing squat thrusts instead to keep my belly off the ground.  I also think running and jumping may be done, it just feels uncomfortable in my uterus during and after.  My friend suggested a support belt, but I'm not sure if it will eliminate the issue or if I should just rein it in.  It's not like I'll be super upset about not running haha.  I also hit a bunch of golf balls on Sunday and now I'm super sore in my right hip flexor and abs!  I went in with really low expectations but I was actually crushing the ball.

And finally, POISON IVY SUCKS.  Aside from the fact that I avoided getting a ton of it on my face (thank the sweet Lord above), this is definitely the worst bout of poison ivy I've ever had.  I'm guessing it's because my immune system is busy doing other things, but it is horrible.  I am going crazy!

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